Design services

We meet at a convenient time for you. In a comfortable place for you, you will get answers to questions about the style, the stages of construction and the composition of the whole project. Considering your wishes we offer finishes and materials to suit your budget.


Moscow and the region

The next meeting takes place on the object with the cutter, in which the plan under discussion, and drawing up terms of reference for the most ergonomic and functional options to solve the layout and zoning of the space.


3D design project

Using the best of modern software to create a 3D visualization of your project, allowing to see it exactly the way it should be in your opinion. The designer will try to turn your dreams into reality by discussing with you, even very minor nuances.


Technical inspection

Taking into account the rules and technology standards being developed all the necessary documentation: specifications, diagrams, drawings, redevelopment plans with full detail until the small accessories that the builders did not raise questions in the course of performing tasks.


Author's supervision

When you are ready you will only supply the materials and furniture in the facility. And we will help to carry out supervision and inspection of the implementation of all phases of work on the design of the project. As a result, you get exactly what you pay for money, not a replica of the design of the project.


Design Services

In all phases of construction works you can be comfortable

service 1


The project houses, apartments, cafes, shops with 3D visualization

service 2


From leading manufacturers of furniture and accessories

service 3


Technical supervision over construction works

Interior design project

project 1

The kitchen in the nine-panel

Customer Young family
Date September 2011
Location Saint Petersburg
Project Standard

The kitchen is small, but thanks to a successful layout and color scheme is already too warm. Facades of glossy purple, worktop - artificial stone Corian. Sink Blanco corner. Built-in Miele appliances. The dining glass table area complements the aerial chandelier Murano Due.

More work in the portfolio - Design apartment

project 2

The kitchen in the Tuscan style

Customer Young Lady
Date October 2009
Location Zelenogorsk
Project Premium

Area allows you to place furniture in U-shape. Facades milky color with a golden patina Clive Christian factory. Granite countertop in color complements the Spanish tile Adex Modernista. Furniture has a black sink and mixer Franke. Pencil case with built-in appliances and a large fridge is made of solid oak. Floor marble tile Peronda. Above the bar table is a lamp-hanger Globo, which creates additional lighting.

More work in the portfolio - Home design

project 3

Kitchen Design in colonial style

Customer Family of 4 persons
Date February 2013
Location Moscow
Project Exclusive

The kitchen in the country house designed in a classical style. Facades Furniture with effect Dekape, countertop and apron lined with English tiles Winchester milk and lavender. Fine Art Lighting perfectly harmonizes with the black chairs. The height of the premises allowed to lower the ceiling to 20 cm. And decorate handmade painted and stucco. In the center - stained glass in a wooden frame creates the effect of daylight.

More work in the portfolio - Kitchen Design

project 4

Urban Studio

Customer A young couple
Date July 2012
Location Donetsk
Project Standard

To create an open space thin walls were removed. Brick partition, to give the urban style, painted with white paint, and installed the clock mechanism. On the wall of the corridor Mural AS Creation. Soft corner furniture Poltrona Frau divides the room into the living and kitchen. Kitchen wenge color shades of chocolate on the sofa. The freshness of the room brings knitted pouf and chairs Poltrona Frau. Table Calligaris transformer factory is designed to perform two missions: a coffee table and a large dining table. Accent is spot metal chandelier from the French house Charles Bubbles.

More work in the portfolio - Design studio apartments

project 5

Bedroom in modern style

Customer Family of 3 persons
Date September 2010
Location Saint Petersburg
Project Premium

Furniture from the Italian factory IL Loft. Stand for TV - Tonin Casa. The hosts are very fond of the aquarium, and the living space it was not, therefore, ordered a tank-column, which is not only pleasing to the fish, but also provides for a soft blue light in the evenings. He began gently in the corner part of the bedroom. The room has a narrow elongated shape, so it was decided to decorate a large part of the wall mirror. This expanded visual walls and has brought additional light to a distant part. The special charm adds a playful chandelier Lladro. To maintain the overall color solutions on the floor was chosen Tarkett flooring gray color.

More work in the portfolio - Bedroom design

project 6

Living in turquoise colors

Customer Family of 2 persons
Date May 2014
Location Sestroretsk
Project Exclusive

The room has a square shape, which allows you to place two sofas Provasi, butterfly chair for reading by the window, two windows and a snack bar by Gramercy Home. For the lighting fixture and lamp used the same manufacturer. Covering the walls of cloth, hand-painted by Paul Montgomery and wood panels from below. Double doors with glass from the Doge Barausse. On the floor, used solid wood of cognac color. The feature classical interior stressed plinth 150 mm high. The height of the space saved, dropping around the room at 200 mm, decorated with wide eaves, which gave the room a festive look.

More work in the portfolio - Living room design

project 7

Design hookah cafes

Customer Restaurant owner
Date May 2015
Location Tel Aviv
Project Standard

On the terrace of the restaurant owner, it was decided to make a hookah area for campers. In Israel, the rains are rare, so the canopy made of white tulle. terrace width 2800 mm are not allowed to put a factory sofas so produced to order wooden podium and on it placed a large pillow design Roche Bobois. sofas Groups are separated by a rectangular vases with bamboo. On the role of the grounds for the tables easily handled large jugs of water, the top pinned glass countertop. Romantic atmosphere with a touch of the east provide Arab carved lanterns.

More work in the portfolio - Design cafe, restaurant

project 8

Interior design shop

Customer Businessman
Date December 2015
Location Haifa
Project Premium

Two floors with large stained-glass windows, but with a very low ceiling came upon the idea to issue a room in a loft style. Channel bars painted with black lacquer, load-bearing columns sheathed laminate. Door models launched to allow natural light on the one hand, and on the other - highlight white acrylic. At the end of the room placed the model of kitchen: modern and classical. Green lacquered kitchen facades and round chair orange colors give the room fresh and cheerful mood. The company logo is in the form of capital letters and is divided into two levels.

More work in the portfolio - Store design, office

project 9

Design dining room in the irises

Customer Private person
Date August 2014
Location Yalta
Project Exclusive

The spacious dining room with large windows on the wallpaper was abandoned in favor of the gray-silver plaster Caravaggio Spiver. Along the perimeter of the height of the walls highlighted blue-gray mosaic. TV Zone has been issued in the form of the upward half-columns, painted silver-blue irises, the ends decorated with mirror mosaics. Soft curved sofa Pigoli perfect fit in a quiet corner near the bar counter cabinet Country Corner, on the contrary, is a showcase near the entrance of the factory. A huge table made of dark wood and the Selva factory dresser Ego give the room the charm of the Art Deco style.

More work in the portfolio - The design of the dining room

  • project 1

    Interior design apartments

    Little purple kitchen

  • project 2

    Home Interior Design

    Tuscan kitchen

  • project 3

    Kitchen interior design

    Colonial style

  • project 4

    Interior design studio apartments

    Urban Studio

  • project 5

    Interior design bedroom

    The snow-white bedroom

  • project 6

    Interior design living room

    Living in turquoise colors

  • project 7

    The interior design of the restaurant, cafe

    Restaurant, cafe hookah

  • project 8

    Shop interior design, office

    Shop-showroom, office

  • project 9

    Interior design of the dining room

    Dining Iris

Design Studio

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Deliveries of materials

Project components

Furniture, plumbing, flooring, selection of materials for the project


Interior Design

Design services

Author's projects in interior design and decoration, 3D visualization


Architectural engineering

Architect services

Design, engineering, technical supervision, work with the contractor

Interior design, design services, design studio in St. Petersburg

The budget for the renovation of a new apartment 120 m2

  • Design and project supervision

  • Repair and construction work

  • Buying new furniture and materials

  • The cost of apartments in St. Petersburg

Design services

According to the real estate market experts estimate the budget for maintenance repairs in the new house or apartment is distributed as follows. If we take the price of the apartment and equated to 100%, to further costs will look something like this:
2% - Design project and architectural supervision
26% - Construction and repair works
48% - purchase of new furniture and material

No impossible cases, there is insufficient funding

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Price of services


  • 1 000 rub./м2
  • Yes3D project visualization
  • YesSpecifications and plans
  • NoDesigner's shopping trip *
  • NoAuthor's supervision **


  • 1 500 rub./м2
  • Yes3D project visualization
  • YesSpecifications and plans
  • YesDesigner's shopping trip *
  • NoAuthor's supervision **


  • 2 000 rub./м2
  • Yes3D project visualization
  • YesSpecifications and plans
  • YesDesigner's shopping trip *
  • YesAuthor's supervision **

* Service purchase with the designer - outreach consultation on the selection of furniture, decoration materials and accessories, as well as significant savings budget using a discount system for designers. The cost of services is formed on the basis of one shopping trip per 8 m2 project.
** The service supervision - travel specialist at the facility for monitoring the conduct of construction works, subject to compliance with building codes and regulations, as well as control over the flow materials. The cost of services is formed at the rate of one site visit every 8 m2 project.

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